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About Me

Tarryn Pickup

Certified Non-Medical Hypnotherapist

Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator

International Consultant for The Goulding SleepTalk® Process for Children

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Millions of people the world over have either experienced or heard about the benefits of doing change work. Everybody has something they would like to work and improve on. Change work isn’t just for people who have “tried everything”. If you have done some research, you will realise that there are a ton of different methodologies to explore. However, you will also realise that choosing the type of change you want has a lot to do with understanding the modality and if it is right for you. This can both be confusing and misleading for clients due to extravagant and dubious claims. Therefore, in addition to this is choosing the right facilitator which is a very important, informed and personal decision.  

So, why me? I consider myself to be a change agent using the modality of hypnotherapy to facilitate effective and rapid solutions for personal change. My raison d'être or purpose for being is to be a force for good in the world. I believe through personal change we can live in a world where everyone can spend less time just "surviving" and focus all their energy on "thriving" instead. I believe that hypnotherapy is an excellent outcomes-based therapy that can assist you in growing to your fullest potential and creating the desired change you require.

Now more than ever the need for mental and physical well-being as overall life balance has become increasingly more important. Hypnotherapy has successfully gained attention as a highly effective, non-invasive and respected stand-alone or complementary therapy.

Sessions can be effectively conducted online during the Covid-19 crises. 

* South African Institute of Hypnotherapy (SAIH)

Membership Accreditation: FP19001

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    Choosing a Hypnotherapist

What To Consider

  • Choose a fully certified hypnotherapist who has successfully completed training from a school of hypnotism and has received certification from the relevant industry body. 

  • A well-trained hypnotherapist should train for a minimum of 18-months. There are ‘full qualifications’ such as the newly marketed Rapid Transformation Technique (RTT), which is received in only 8 days. Therefore, it would be wise to reconsider the practitioner before engaging with them.

  •  Call or email to ask as many questions as you need about the treatment in order to make an informed decision. 

  • Be wary of guarantees, just like any other therapeutic modality, the practitioner including hypnotherapists, non-medical or clinical (either), should not give you guarantees so be wary if they're making promises. 

  • As with any form of therapy, hypnotherapy may not work for every person. An honest hypnotherapist will tell you about the limitations of hypnotherapy in relation to your problem or challenge – they should be very clear about their scope of practice. 

  • Finding the right hypnotherapist is important, so shop around carefully. Hypnosis practises can be a great way to lose weight, help with anxiety, stress and deal with your fears. Knowing what to look for and what to avoid can help you make the best choice the first time and avoid costly mistakes.

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