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The Subconscious Mind & Hypnosis

All behavior is predicated on learned experiences Around the world, our subconscious minds are being manipulated in ways that are...

Building Emotional Resilience in Children

Challenges in life are inevitable, but they don’t always have to yield negative emotional consequences. Instead, they can be reframed as pos

Knowledge Is Power: What To Read

A curious read: one of the books recommended and picked up this month to explore. Summary: From the physician behind the popular website...

Knowledge Is Learning: What To Watch

Here are some of the recent documentaries I have watched this month, which will broaden your understanding of the human mind and body as...

My Brilliant Career: Sunday Times

Doing things to become a force for good in the world: #hypnosis #hypnotherpay #wellness #makeitmainstream #growth

The Facts And Fiction Of Hypnotherapy

What is Hypnosis vs Hypnotherapy? Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis is not a state of deep sleep. It does involve a trance-like...

The Curious Case Of The Fly In The Jar

It is said that there is an experiment where if you place a fly in a bottle and keep it in there, when you finally let the lid off, the...

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