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Teletherapy: Online Hypnotherapy during Covid-19

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

The ongoing disruption and uncertainty from the coronavirus outbreak are exactly what could compel most people to seek out a therapist at this time. But, not only for themselves, possibly even for their children too.

Offering online hypnotherapy or 'teletherapy' / 'videotherapy' (ergh urban dictionary death) is an effective way to still be able to deal with one's ongoing issues or even new ones. As many commercial companies have had to adjust, so have many other aspects of society. Now more than ever we are having to rely on technology to make the world go round. In so doing, we are all having to adapt and be creative. Online therapy is no exception to the rule...

Three things to consider when planning for a hypnotherapy session: Tech, Space, and Face.


online therapy using headphones and a mobile device

Allow yourself some extra time and flexibility with your therapist to troubleshoot any technical issues. You should test your mic and camera beforehand, as well as agree to a platform you are both comfortable to operate and use. Platforms typically include Whatsapp Video, Facetime, Zoom, and Skype. However, due to the nature of online therapy my preferred secure platform which is HIPAA compliant (United States of America) is – here a personalised link will be sent to you via a calendar invite and we will join your session together in a secure chat room. Their basic offering is FREE of charge. There is a badge on my website which will automatically connect you as well.

Tips include:

· Ensure that you are connected to a secure WiFi network and/or have enough data.

· Use high-quality headphones

· Make sure all devices are fully charged before the session


Online therapy and preparing once space for relaxation

Without the dedicated space of a therapist's office, you'll need to create your own. Find a place in your home where you'll have as much privacy, silence, and as little disruption as possible.

Tips include:

· Make sure the space you use can be locked

· Use the passenger side of your vehicle and if using the air-conditioned please make sure you are in a well-ventilated space

· There are no animals in the room

· You're welcome to use no lyrical soft spa-type music to help set a relaxing setting for yourself

· Be sure to close email and turn off notifications that could be distracting. The break from messages and social media will do you good and will preserve your full attention for the session.

· Where possible turn your phone/device onto flight mode (keep WiFi connected)


Online therapy and preparing oneself for it

Prepare yourself. Be aware of any anxiety you might have about starting hypnotherapy, or any teletherapy in particular. It's normal to feel anxious when you're starting something new. Acknowledge what you feel, and bring it up within your session, if that might be helpful. As much as possible, have a transition time before and after your session. Give yourself a few minutes prior to and post your session.

Tips include:

· Have tissues on stand by

· Have a glass of water available

I have had plenty of success working with clients in Hypnotherapy as well as SleepTalk® for Children over the years online. Especially those who cannot physically come to my offices due to time constraints or living in a different city. Consider giving it a try for a few online therapy sessions if you're on the fence about it. It is a safe and convenient way to get the support you need during a very challenging time.

Be Strong. Stay Safe.

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