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Your Body’s Ability To Maintain Wellness Is More Intelligent Than You Think

Having recently had some interesting conversations with people from various different fields from professional chefs to psychiatrists there are have been interesting conclusions and similarities drawn around the concept of wellness.

In addition to this, I have also been watching a few Netflix documentaries to see what other experts are saying further afield. While this post aims to give some insight and feedback into these learnings, I will do a separate posts with a synopsis, summary and insight into books and documentaries I have recently read or watched (click on the links).

So here is the take out: as humans, we have forgotten just how resilient and intelligent the human body is to mend and heal itself. The amplification of a Western lifestyle due to increased time constraints has seen the rise of mega industries providing more convenient products. But the consequence of convenience is having an impact on mental, physical and emotional health.

Increasingly people are looking for a one pill wonder or miracle drug to solve their mental albeit emotional problems. We’re all looking for that one mineral that we need to cut from our daily diets that will make us healthier or lose more weight. If it’s not fat, it is salt, if it’s not salt, its carbohydrates, if it’s not carbohydrates its gluten – pick your trend. Or how about the supplements, equipment and programmes you can partake in that promise to get fitter quicker and with better results.

We constantly seek to find external elements that can aid in overall wellness. Instead of looking inward to help ourselves. We feign complete responsibility to engage with our minds and bodies and to actively work towards our own wellness. We are too quick to blame the pill or the programme for not instantly curing us 100% for life (not a tall ask at all).

Wellness is not a once off pill, mineral or supplement it is an ongoing conscious and evolving process which is on a spectrum where YOU are the architect of how you wish to live, feel and be. It is also not a unilateral approach your entire being needs to be considered, you need to look at the whole: what do you eat, how often do you exercise, do you deal with your emotions (stress) – what is the root cause and where is the knock on? All of it works symbiotically.

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