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I recommend a commitment to at least 3 sessions at 90 minutes each to allow yourself to gain the maximum benefit in fully calibrating our sessions and creating the the required shifts and changes you desire. 

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Individual Therapy

Utilising a variety of hypnotherapeutic techniques, I approach each client uniquely. Our first session is what I call a "deep-dive" to determine what you would like to achieve. After which I will determine a therapy plan. Remember our backgrounds, experiences, cultures and belief systems make us all unique in terms of how we respond to the world as well as the pace in which we create change.

Group Therapy

The group sessions I offer are scheduled with different themes and are according to demand. Please see my therapies page to get an understanding of what hypnotherapy can treat. 

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Corporate Therapy

I value working with organisations that recognise the importance of talent and the value they deliver to a business. Through the use of hypnosis, I utilise hypnotherapeutic techniques which will complement any corporate wellness offerings. I believe in working from a bottom up and top down approach concurrently; during which I apply a pragmatic and down to earth approach. I believe that the growth of your business is ultimately about the growth of your people.

Skype Therapy

Considering the modern era with modern demands, I stay flexible by offering my clients the opportunity to stay connected on their journey towards personal growth and development. Over Skype, we can still work to "re-frame" negative belief patterns and thoughts.

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